Cebu Pacific Air Website Promo Summer 2012 Seat Sale for Tuki in Cebu!

Cebu Pacific Air Official Website is currently offering Cebu Pacific Air Promo Summer 2012 Seat Sale Low Fares to Hongkong and Local destinations in the Philippines. Spend your Summer months in Hongkong as Cebu Pacific Airlines offers as low as 8 pesos from Kalibo to Hongkong with travel months from March 23 to June 30 2012. Cebu Pacific promos are abundant in these months for people to love travel more!
Plus more! from Cebu Pacific Airlines Summer Promos, Swim with the White Whale Sharks - Tuki In Oslob, Cebu. Experience swimming in Cebu's known white whale sharks in the town of Oslob, southern part of Cebu. You need not to go further to see and swim with the Tuki in Cebu because they tend to swim in nearby 30 meters from the Sea shore of Oslob Cebu.
Travel to Local Destinations with Cebu Pacific Air Promos Low Fare and Swim with the Cebu White Whale Sharks while there food (small shrimps) is not in season, The tuki in Oslob is showing up these months because they need to find their foods in the nearer sea shore. Tourist and local boatmen in Oslob feed the white whale shark with Uyap (small shrimps) while watching and swimming with them. Gentle reminders please don't hurt the Butendeng in Cebu and please follow the reminders and rules while with the Cebu Butandeng.
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