Cebu Pacific Promo Summer Sale April May Local & International Destinations

Cebu Pacific Air Summer Promo Seat Sale is expected from Cebu Pacific Air Official Website as the Summer Months is drawing near. March April and May is where the hottest climate in the Philippines could reach pushing people to spend free time, holidays and weekends on the beach or somwhere that people can seek cooling down.
Online booking is expected to rise as this is the most anticipated Cebu Pacific Promos To Summer Capitals in the country. Cebu, Boracay, Palawan, Baguio, Bohol, Surigao and many more places both Local and International Destinations.
Since on January 15, Cebu is celebrating its Grandest Festival the Sinulog Festival, the Cebu Pacific Air Latest Promo 388 is fit for those who whant to experience the Sinulog in Cebu. It would be one of your greatest experience in Cebu to experience Sinulog Festival. This Cebu Pacific Sale is also for the early part of the Summer Months since it coves up to March 15, 2012. Book your official ticket at Cebu Pacific Official Website at 
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